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Residential House Painting Melbourne

Women at Work Painters are highly experienced painters providing both interior and exterior painting services throughout metro Melbourne.

Whether you require one room or your entire house to be painted or even if you need your home prepared for sale or rental we will be able to assist you.

In Melbourne there are various styles of houses from heritage and period homes through to the 70’s and 80’s and modern. We have painted them all – we fully understand the requirements of these different building styles and the materials used.

With period homes there is significantly more preparation required particularly inside compared to more streamlined modern homes. Often the ceiling height is much higher in the period homes to modern houses and apartments. With modern homes we don’t need to concern ourselves with lead paint or the liklihood of bubbling due to old paint underneath causing issues. All of these houses are so different and we need to assess them individually so we can work out the best process to follow.

We provide a 5-year warranty against faulty workmanship and given we have been in business for over 20 years you can feel confident we will be here to honour our warranty.

During the years we have undertaken some beautiful makeovers and you can view some of these in our galleries and project videos below.

For more information and to view our galleries and project videos please click below to view our Exterior and Interior work:

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