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Exterior House Painting

Are you looking to have the exterior of your home painted?

Women at Work Painters are highly experienced Melbourne house painters. We have painted hundreds if not thousands of exterior homes and we think this is because our clients want a paint job that is both beautiful and durable. There is little point paying for your house to be painted if it is going to peel within 12 months due to lack of preparation or the use of cheap paint and materials.

We paint both large and small homes throughout metro Melbourne, sometimes just the front facade or windows depending what needs to be painted. Every house we paint is different – some are very straightforward and some are more complex due to height, condition and power lines.

As we provide a 5-year warranty against faulty workmanship you can be assured we are looking to provide a long and durable finish.

Usually we make a quote appointment with you where we assess the condition of your home and determine the correct process to follow to provide a long-term durable finish. We have to consider many things when painting the exterior of your home.

Painting weatherboard houses is different to painting rendered or painted brick homes. Timber always needs more preparation than mortar sometimes including oil-based primers and undercoats depending on the type or quality of the timber used or even stripping the paint particularly if old lead paint is starting to peel and crack.

We always test new pre-primed weatherboards prior to painting as the primer may need to be sanded off and a more suitable primer reapplied before we can paint. If we don’t do this the weatherboards may be peeling within 12 months.

Other houses have different issues such as lack of access or power lines very close to the building. There may be a situation where the render keeps cracking – this is common on garden walls where there is on-gong dampness and with 2-storey homes. Many homes have wrought iron fences and lacework and this needs to be dealt with differently to timber and render.

During our 20+ years in business we have come across most situations and are confident in our ability to successfully manage small and large projects.

In terms of preparation we usually pressure wash walls prior to preparing and painting and fill gaps and cracks to prevent water seeping in behind the substrates. We have a paint stripping machine we imported from USA which we use to strip weatherboards or flat surfaces when required.We use electric sanders with dust extractors where we need to minimise dust going into the environment.

We are accredited for lead paint removal and know how to treat asbestos.

If you would like a quote to paint your house please call us now on 1300 200 700 or complete our Free Quote Request form here.

Exterior Painting Videos

The video above is of a fantastic house we painted in Brighton. It was complex due to the height and number of gables in the roof line. We used scaffolding for most of the 2nd-storey and gables. We also sprayed the stucco and rendered areas of the house where is was practical to do so. As our client specified a dark colour on some of the timber work we used a heat reflective paint to provide a longer more durable finish than traditional paint.

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