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How To Remove Crayon Drawings From Walls

By August 1, 2016Our Blog

Do you ever wonder what is it with kids drawing all over the walls even after providing notepads for them? We love to encourage our kids to draw and bring out their artistic side but it becomes a challenge when they go around drawing on walls behind our backs. At first, we might find it cute but not so much after all the walls in your home are covered with crayon marks and drawings. One way to control this situation is to get your walls painted with paints formulated to clean and scrub well such as Taubmans Endure.

When you work with painting companies in Melbourne, you can try to get expert advice on the best type of paint you can use in your home so that wall stains such as drawings can be cleaned easily off the walls. However, if the damage has been done already, then you should get to know about the ways you can remove crayon drawings from your walls:

Magic Eraser

Purchase these white silicone erasers from the supermarket – they can remove all sorts of stains and marks from paint work.


For newly done drawings, WD40 easily gets all the stains out. WD40 has an oily substance that lubricates the wax and makes it easy to wipe it off. It best works on white and colored walls but not so well on prepared surfaces. You will notice that it will leave your wall with oily traces so it is best you use it on small spots. Using WD40 on a wide patch of mess will leave your wall messier unless you are ready to clean up after the oily surface.

Blow dryer

A blow dryer can be used to heat the crayon drawings on the wall to make it easy to wipe off. One of the challenges is that you can only use this method on walls that are near an electric outlet. If you own a cordless blow dryer, then that’s even better. You can use a blow dryer on any type of wall finish without affecting the quality of paint on it. For very old drawings, blow drying will not be enough since not all the marks will get off easily. You may need to apply some other type of remover to get all the suborn stains out.

Art erasers

The squishy gray art erasers are the best when it comes to removing crayon stains on the walls. The art erasers usually absorb and lift the crayon marks and make it easy to clean. Use circular, up or down motions to apply the eraser but don’t be too vigorous. If you use too much force you may end up creating more mess than before. Work slowly on the stains to get all the stains out. This method may not work so well on stubborn stains and just like the blow dryer you may need to use additional methods to completely get rid of all the stains.


Toothpaste has been known to remove crayon stains from the wall. You need to use the regular toothpaste and not the blue gel type. The blue gel toothpaste can end up ruining your wall. The mild abrasives found in regular toothpaste make it easy to scrub crayons off your wall. Use an old toothbrush to scrub on the stains and then take a damp cloth to wipe off the residue. That should do the trick. Toothpaste does not affect the quality of paint work so you don’t have to worry about leaving a discoloration.


Vinegar is a natural cleaner so that means it is safe to use on walls. Vinegar is used for so many other purposes around the home and it is easily available. Vinegar does not really get all the crayon stains out on its own but you can use it to get off the stains left behind by the other products mentioned above. You can use it to clear any oil residue left on your wall.

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